Reading Fan Fiction on your Kindle

I recently acquired a Kindle and I love reading Fan Fiction and other PDF files.

Here are some tricks I have for maximum reading pleasure:

If you want to read a fic “live” (and you have a 3G or wifi connection), you can go to the browser and type in the name of the fic you want to read and Google will usually find it. If it’s a fic that you want to read offline, but it’s still posted on the regular fic sites, you can download it from this site:

From there you can download as an HTML file and then rename it to a TXT file and then copy it to the correct folder on your Kindle. Or you can download directly to MOBI which the Kindle will read without any modification. (I like HTML in case I love the story and want to go in and fix all of the stupid spelling errors that I can’t help but want to fix.)

If you’ve got a PDF file the Kindle can read it directly, but you’re limited by the page size. If you’re creating the PDF file yourself, you can change the paper size to 4″x5″ but if you’ve downloaded something and you can’t change the page size, I’ve reverted to rotating the Kindle screen so it’s readable. I’ve recently found that I can use Adobe Acrobat Professional to “Save As” an HTML file (remember to rename it to a TXT file). That way I can zoom in without a ridiculous amount of scrolling and squinting.

If you’re looking for a Twilight fic that was pulled look for @TwilightFFnFics on twitter. She’s collecting pulled fic files from readers who downloaded them before they were pulled and is posting them on a website that changes every so often. For her most recent website location, just check out her Twitter Bio.