The Twilight Saga: Midnight Sun Cover

My latest obsession… Edward Cullen.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom finally talked me into reading the Twilight Saga. I borrowed her books one weekend but didn’t start them for a few days while I finished another book I was reading. When I finally got started reading them all it was maybe Wednesday… I was finished reading them all by Sunday.

By far my favorite is an, as yet, unpublished manuscript that the author has published on her website called Midnight Sun. It’s basically the first book written over again, but from Edward Cullen (the hero’s) point of view. As of this writing she has only made the first 12 chapters public, although she (supposedly) does plan on finishing and publishing the book.

After reading on her website about the meaning of the covers of her books, I started thinking about what the cover might be like. She does have some fake covers that she made up, but none for Midnight Sun… and none of them have the feel of the final covers of the series.

I started thinking about what kind of imagery would be appropriate for the book. The more I read this “book” the more I realize that Edward falls for Bella practically at first sight but fails to recognize it because he has been avoiding human feelings for so long. Eventually he realizes that he’s in love wiht her. Many references to being “frozen” are laced throughout all of the books with regards to the vampires (and particularly Edward and his heart since it is a romance novel about Edward), so all of a sudden I got a picture in my head of an ice cube melting.

I did a Google image search for “melting ice cube” and eventually (on about page 12) found THIS image of an ice cube on fire. Amazingly it is already on a black background and because it was created as a desktop wallpaper the resolution was better than some of the other images I found. Also, the addition of the flame was way better than what I had originally imagined (a simple melting ice cube) because to me it signifies not just a passive melt, but that there is an active participant in the melting (i.e. Bella).

I fiddled with the color to make the flame a bit redder to fit the color scheme of the other covers and eventually came up with this.

Fan Made Midnight Sun Book Cover

After I created that one I did continue looking a little to see if I could find an actual ice heart melting. I found a lot of cool images, but nothing quite as simple as the original. This was my second favorite (which I, again, recolored to match the first 4 books). The biggest problem with this one is the face. Although I like the imagery… it doesn’t quite match the feel of the first four books.

Melting Ice Heart

To me the ice cube on fire fits so well that when the book finally does come out I’ll probably be disappointed. On the other hand… I can still hardly wait to read the last 1/2 of the book from Edwards POV, so I say… Stephenie… bring it on!!!