I Love Adam Lambert

I don’t know what it is about him (well, I do, but that’s a different story)… but I’m in love with Adam Lambert. I even started a website dedicated to him at www.adamsglambassadors.com

First of all, let’s get it out of the way. I am not an American Idol fan. My husband got me hooked because he loves watching the first few episodes when they show all horrible singers. Then at some point for the last few seasons some of the stories have pulled me in. I found it interesting, but I’ve only watched with passing interest. At certain points I did vote a few times (remember the beat box guy… and I’ll admit I found Constantine to be an interesting contestant, even though Bo Bice did out sing him).

That is, of course, until I saw Adam Lambert perform Ring of Fire. At that point I was completely hooked… not to Idol, but to him.  I couldn’t care less about anyone else. They all seem like nice people, but Adam is a real entertainer. He is cute, has charisma and can “Sing his face off!” He also knows what the heck he’s doing and can put on a real show instead of being just a glorified talent show.

I think I love Adam because he reminds me of my favorite 80’s bands. Back then I was into the Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, X, Dead or Alive, Violent Femmes, Adam Ant, Suicidal Tendencies, a little Beastie Boys, some David Bowie and Joy Division, Yaz, Love and Rockets, Nina Hagen, Ultravox… I could go on and on with strange band names (Pink and Black did one of my favorite songs as well as Egyptian Lover). There was a dance club in our town that was frequented by the more feminine of the male persuasion (what’s the politically correct word for that today) that lost their liquor license just about the same time I turned 16. They made a run at being a 16+ dance club which my friend and I frequented until they went out of business about 18 months later. I fell in love with the off beat music they played and the wonderful looking guys who knew how to dress and how to dance and never once hit on us. In my mind Adam is a wonderful mix of all of this and I love him for it!

This last week I really got all wrapped up in this thing even deeper and helped my favorite fan site http://www.adam-lambert.org/ plan a viewing party for the Idol finale. Since Adam is from San Diego (where I live), we thought it would be appropriate. We found a location that was hip on promoting local talent and had fabulous viewing capabilities in Seau’s. Then we started pounding the message boards and the media to get the event out there. We even made up a fun event menu!

The party ended up being a blast … except the last 5 minutes… but I’m over it now and can’t wait for Adam Lambert’s first CD to come out.

Of course he’ll have to TOUR to promote the release which should ROCK since he’s intent on putting on a real show.

I can hardly wait! Get to work Adam!!! [BTW… you can have your people call my people (that would be me since I don’t have people) and I’ll give you a hand with that.]