National Healthcare

National Healthcare. It’s something everything is crying for. What I don’t understand is why? Is it because they have done such a fabulous job with the Post Office, Amtrak or the National Flood Insurance Program?

Is it because Monopolies are so loved as positive influences in modern society? Maybe it’s because the government is so easy to sue if they mess up! Can you even name one thing the government has run at a profit?

So maybe you’re impressed that the post office can send a letter across the country for less than 50c, but how confident are you that it will actually make it to it’s intended destination in a timely manner? Confident enough to send your bills (as if you really want them to cash your check), but if you absolutely need to get something there, how do you send it? Can you say FedEx or UPS?

And maybe you’re not familiar with Amtrak, but did you know that in 2007, they spent 3.18 BILLION and made only $2.15 BILLION? The federal goverment has already promised to give them $13 BILLION over the next 5 years? And when was the last time anyone reading this actually RODE on an Amtrak train?

Another thing I can’t understand is why everyone wants the government to run a monopoly on this most critical issue. Everyone hated Microsoft while they were being procecuted for being a Monopoly! In the November ’08 issue of the Reader’s Digest they published an article naming “18 Big Ideas to Fix Health Care Now” How to move past politics and get it done. Do you think any of these innovative ideas would happen if the government paid for everything? With all of the innovation in the US, do we really need to turn to something as drastic as socialism? What if you don’t like the government system? What if you love it and I hate it? Where’s the choice? How many people complain about Kaiser? What do you think government run healthcare will be like? Worse than Kaiser, but with no alternatives in case everything goes bad. Heck, at least with Kaiser, you know you could always go to another doctor if you really need to!

The NFIP is probably the closest to National Healthcare since it is a nationally run insurance plan. Did you that in 2007 they actually lost $18 BILLION? The industry as a whole actually made nearly $50 BILLION! I want to know how the NFIP missed that boat. Large claims are no cake walk (and this is something I have a little more experience with than the average bear), but at least you have a lawsuit to hang over their head if the insurance company acts up. So the next question is… have you met anyone who has used the NFIP on a large claim? Horror stories abound and no one to sue!

You’ve all heard of the saying “You can’t fight City Hall,” right? Have you ever tried to sue them? As much as the media likes to tell us how much we hate lawyers, the bottom line is… they can save your butt if something preventable goes horribly wrong. If the government run system kills someone you love, who are you going to turn to?

Oh yes… big brother. Isn’t it comforting to know he’s there waiting to save you?