Carbonite Backup

I’ve been using Carbonite backup for 81 days. What do I like and what’s bugging me?

81 days ago I started using Carbonite. I changed over from Mozy after more than a year because it stopped backing up my stuff and they couldn’t tell me why. So far it has worked great. I like it because:

  1. You can tell instantly what is backed up because it modifies the icon to tell you if it’s backed up or not. If it has a green dot next to it, it’s backed up. I have to admit; when I first did a trial run (over a year ago) I decided AGAINST Carbonite for this exact reason. I hated that green dot, but after a year of not knowing what was backed up and what wasn’t (and after realizing that things WEREN’T being backed up when I thought they were) this little green dot became extremely important to me.
  2. It’s easy to tell something to not be backed up or to back something up immediately. The right click has been modified in Explorer so you can just right click over a file and tell it to back up.

Now what do I dislike.

  1. Just yesterday I realized that NONE of my videos were backing up. After checking their very helpful website, I was informed that they do not backup video files by default. I’m sure they’re doing this to save hard drive space on their server, but I have video files sprinkled generously all over my hard drive and for the previous 79 days I assumed they were being backed up. As I started looking around I noticed that there was more than just a green dot (backed up) and a yellow dot (pending backup), there was a green dot with a white hole inside, like a green donut. This meant there were A) files that weren’t being backed up B) empty folders not being backed up C) shortcuts not being backed up.

    This really disturbs me. It disturbs me enough to change to another company… if there was one. A) With some files (like files ending in BAK) you’re able to right click over them and say “backup all of these types of files within folders marked for backup”. Okay, this is fine but this option is NOT available for any kind of video file!!!!! B) Sometimes I use empty folders for place holders. I’d like them to be restored if my system crashed… although I will admit this is not enough of a problem for me to cancel my subscription C) I use shortcuts liberally to redirect myself and to keep things organized. Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to find the item at all if it wasn’t for shortcuts. It’s ridiculous not to include shortcuts… although this might be a system limitation on their part. I don’t use Linux, but maybe Linux can’t backup Windows shortcuts.

So this is my rant today. Carbonite does not backup video files and now I’ll have to spend hours right clicking on files to make sure they all get backed up. LAME!!!