After the baby is born

Here are a few things to think about after the baby is born including breast feeding, selecting a pediatrician and birth control.


Birth Control

After the first birth I didn’t want to be on the pill because of the risk of loosing milk. Then I got pregnant when my first was 9 months old. The second time I didn’t want to risk that and got a Copper IUD. Worldwide, more women use IUD’s than any other type of birth control (besides sterilization). In China alone there are almost 80 million women using them! Even if your insurance company won’t pay a dime (and in my case they did pay for part of the procedure), when you compare the cost of other birth control methods, you’ll save money over time because it lasts 10 years!


Lactation Consultants/supplies

Milkmade At Home is a great resource if you’re in San Diego. They have childbirth classes (which might be reimbursable by your insurance company… don’t forget to ask) and Eve Moran is one of the best lactation consultants in town. She is located in Hillcrest (619) 252-9606.


There is a breast feeding store on the bottom floor of the Sharp, Mary Birch Center, Babies-R-Us has an entire section and the hospital should have a lactation consultant you can talk to before you leave the building. Many insurance companies have programs for pregnant moms that you register for. You can have a nurse visit you at home after the baby is born and they’ll help with breast feeding issues too.


Selecting a pediatrician

When you register at the hospital (which can be done in advance) you will probably be asked which pediatrician you selected. I didn’t even know where to begin since doctors typically won’t take appointments just for an interview. If you don’t select one they will just send one that is in the same group as the HMO you have. That is what I did and loved the lady I got and still use her to this day. Her name is Matilda Remba MD FAAP and is in an office in Mission Valley. 619-245-2365.



Once I had to find daycare, it was difficult to decide where to send them. I had a hard time actually doing the deed of picking up the phone to start looking since I didn’t want to take them to daycare! Luckily I only worked two days a week, I had a private office and my boss let me bring my baby to work. Thing is, when I got pregnant the second time my baby was about 9 months old, I knew I better find daycare fast before I had to tell my boss I was pregnant… AGAIN! At first I called the YMCA daycare referral service. They refer home-based providers. I had a hard time finding someone to accept part-time children, but finally found one that worked out great until I changed I felt my second was old enough to leave my side. 619.521.3055
If you plan on doing the daycare thing right away, start looking now. Many places have a waiting list (a really LONG waiting list). Once my second child was almost a year, I started taking both of them to Children’s Childcare Center. 858-966-8555 I LOVED that place! It is really unbelievably great! You should call and take the tour. I don’t know where you live, but I love that it is right in the middle of town (near the Children’s Hospital) so no matter where my client is, I can get to them directly from the center.


Saving for College

I have a 529 that’s nice to help save. And there is a great way to start getting money for free; Upromise. I got the grandparents to sign up and even friends who don’t have kids. They don’t even realize they’re giving my kids money since it does it all behind-the-scenes!!! Over the past few years I’ve earned thousands of dollars.


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